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How to Go Live on YouTube using Jio Phone



The reason behind the huge success behind the Reliance Jio is because they were able to make basic internet, telecommunication, and social networking affordable to every section of the society. It was then they introduced their key product Jio Phone series which changed the entire game to a whole new level. This made a huge flow of active users to many social networks like facebook and youtube. People got the freedom to explore without being worried about internet data usage.


We all know the Internet has a lot of opportunities to make a living, Youtube is one of the best ways for the same. Have we gone too far? Let’s get in the point, This article is all about Going Live on Youtube Platform from Jio Phone. Meanwhile, if you like to know about Jio’s Latest Jio Phone 3 we have a detailed article on it in our blog, Have a look at it.

What’s the big deal about Youtube in JioPhones?

Jio’s phone was launched to connect rural people to the digital world with being worried about costly high-end Android devices. These small devices can also run YouTube Live and other popular applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. Though it is capable of running such android based applications the OS (operating software) isn’t the exact same that found on android devices. JioPhones runs on KaiOS which is brightly made of running in a low resource environment.


KaiOs is simple but very powerful of its kind. It uses HTML and Javascript codings to create a suitable virtual atmosphere for the applications to run. It also has its own app store which is completely different from the other operating systems. You can download all your favorite applications directly from this app store. There is from where you can download and install your favorite application such as facebook, WhatsApp or even Youtube as it’s been available in the store as of now. It has a full version of YouTube and this means that you can do all things of your choice. Turn Your device to a full-on entertainment machine. Would you mind taking a look at the all-new recharge plans from Reliance Jio.

Steps to install Youtube in JioPhone

Installing YouTube application is easy If you have ever installed WhatsApp or any application in your Jiophone from the store. It’s just like that, in case you haven’t tried it ever or you are getting any sort of error then just follow below steps correctly

  1. First turn-on the mobile data ensuring you have enough data balance to download the application.
  2. Locate Jio Store from the menu and open it.
  3. Search for “YOUTUBE” in the top search area.
  4. You will find details regarding the same. Just click on it and install the application.

If you are still unable to install the Youtube application it can be because you have an outdated version of OS. You have to update KaiOS for that follows below steps:

  •  Open your Jio phone menu and go to the settings.
  • Now click on software updates and check if any software update is available for the given operating system.
  • If you found its available just install the latest upgrade. That’s it now you will be able to install the application.

How to Go Live on YouTube using Jio Phone?

After successfully installing Youtube in your Phone, Its the time to start using it. First, most things you have to do is open the application and signup or login using the account for the initial first time. Now you can watch your favorite movies, videos and other pieces of stuff and relax. For activating live stream in youtube using your JioPhone just do the below steps.

  1. After successfully installing the application open it.
  2. Create or Login using your Google account as I said.
  3. You will find a “GO LIVE” opening in the account section and open it.
  4. Enter the needed information regarding your live stream section.
  5. And that’s it, you are successfully in live now just using your JioPhone.


Coming to the conclusion part and that was all about Streaming a live section on JioPhone 2 and JioPhone 3. We have written everything regarding the same. Still, if you face any kind of trouble you can comment it below. We will definitely help you sort out the issue. If you like our article please comment and share.

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