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How to Track Lost Jio Phone Location?



In this article, we will guide you to track your Jio Phone or Number location. Yes, it will be beneficial if your phone is lost or theft and you can find or trace your device using this method. We will be using the Jio Security app or service to track your device quickly. You may not be aware of the Anti-Theft feature on the Jio Security App. You can check the below section to know about the Anti-Theft to find the theft or lost mobile number or phone.


The JioSecurity app can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free; it helps to protect our data. We all store or have many critical and personal data on our smartphones which includes the Bank details, Passwords, Emails, Contacts list, Media files, Personal messages, OTPs and many more. It’s essential to have protection for these data and JioSecurity helps to protect these data. The JioSecurity app helps to protect these private or personal data from malware attacks or can say from hackers. So, We hope you understand the reason to have the JioSecurity app should be installed on your device.

The Anti-Theft Feature on JioSecurity App

The Anti-Theft Feature on the Jio Security app includes the Locate, Lock, Scream and Wipe facility. The Locate features help to track the live location of the jio sim or number of the map. Yes, it helps to monitor the Jio phone live location remotely. The Lock feature help to lock your device and anyone won’t be able to access the data on the device until you unlock it. So, the Lock feature help to remotely lock with the device and without your passcode the thief won’t be able to access anything on the mobile phone.

Next is the Scream which makes a loud beep sound and its useful if you forgot your device somewhere, or else you thinking someone near you is hiding your device. So, when the alarm goes off loudly, you can easily find the device. The final one is the wipe facility; it helps to wipe or delete the data on your device completely. It will be beneficial to protect the thief from misusing the information on your smartphones. Hope you understand these four features and now, its check how to find your lost device easily. Would you like to know more about the Jio Media Cable then check out the article, you will get the complete available information.

How to Track Jio Number Location?

  1. Visit the website on any other mobile, tablet or a laptop – Link
  2. Click on the “Sign In” option at the top right side.
  3. Now, enter your Jio ID, mobile number and password.
  4. Then, you will see the “choose a device to manage” option, choose the device you want to track.
  5. On the next page, you have to select the “Locate” tab and then click on the “Locate Now” option.
  6. Now, a map will open up and which shows the current live location, tracking of your device on the map.
  7. You can do the tracking by simply sending a message (SMS Commands) to the device in the format, LOCATE_four digit passcode and you will automatically receive a reply message with the mobile phone location.

How to Track Jio Phone with SMS Commands?

You can also track the device location, wipe, lock or can even scream your mobile phone using the SMS commands. You need to SMS any of the below code to the mobile phone you want to track from any other phone to use the facility. Using the SMS command facility, you can send anti-theft commands to your mobile phone from another device using SMS. The SMS commands used to lock, wipe, scream and locate are given below.


  1. Lock Device: Send the SMS “lock_passcode” to lock your device.
  2. Locate Device: Send the SMS “locate_passcode” to get your device location.
  3. Remote Scream: Send the SMS “scream_passcode” to alarm goes off loudly on your device.
  4. Wipe Device: Send the SMS “wipe_passcode” to the complete data on your mobile.

How to Track Jio Phone using MyJio App?

You can also track your device location using the MyJio Application. To track using the app. login the app on any other device using your Jio ID and password. Then, tap on the side options and select “Locate my phone” option and choose the device to find on the next page. After selecting the device, it will show the location of the lost device on the map. You can also check the below-attached screenshots to understand it easily.


So, you can also track the lost Jio Phone or SIM location using the MyJio application. The app helps to get the live position of the lost device, and by that, you can easily find the device. On the Jio security application, there are many more features along with the Anti-Theft feature including the Wi-Fi Security, Web Protection, Malware Scan, Call blocking and many more.


We hope that the article helped you to find your lost device. We tried our best to add every detail with the required screenshots. If you face any error while following the mentioned steps then, feel free to comment below, and we will reply to your queries soon. You can join our push notification service to get regular updates from our blog about the Jio Offers and upcoming services. Please share this article with your friends or relatives and let them know how to track the device in case if they lost it. You can share your feedback and suggestions as comments.

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