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JioLink by Reliance: Product installation, setup & Jio link recharge plans of 2019



Hello readers, In this article, we are going to introduce JioLink. I know many of you people may not have even heard of this product by Reliance Jio. Sadly this is one among the best products of Jio which people are not aware of. Even when we looked in information regarding Jio link and Jio Link recharge plans, we hardly weren’t able to find a single piece valid and correct information regarding the same. Somehow we collected various information like recharge plan details from Reliance Jio official website and from our friends who use the device.


We will try to explain every bit of information regarding JioLink through this article. There were a lot of doubts regarding the same like, whether it is launched, how does it works, the difference between this device and JioFi, how to buy it, etc. This is the complete A to Z guide where you get all the information about JioLink and can clear all your doubts.

What is Jiolink?

As I said many people don’t even know about this Jio product. And I wonder why didn’t Reliance is not much interested in the promotion of this product. That’s why we are starting our guide from very basic things. The all-new Reliance Jio product Jiolink is a type of fixed Wireless broadband modem; something looks similar to WiMAX internet connection. The modem is consists of an outdoor CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) has a unidirectional antenna which connects with the Jio tower. Here it uses Jio sim and works like a dongle or a netsetter, but it works entirely different from them. As I said its a fixed setup it is not much handy, but it’s not much complicated like an FTTH or Broadband connection. Jio Link is best for home and office purpose. Jio Link establishes the internet connection using a the Jio sim which is present inside the device. It has a high-end antenna which can transmit data at very high speed compared to other dongles and netsetter.

jiolink main device

You can place the device in the top your home/office roof or somewhere near the window so that it can work smoothly and make high-speed data transfer from and to the Jio mobile signal tower. The device has an ethernet out connection which we call as LAN connection; I will explain everything about it later on this article. One advantage to point out about Jio Link is its resistance to the natural effects which generally affect the system like the Natural Calamities, heavy Rain or flood, wind or anything else. The device is waterproof, dustproof, scratch proof, shockproof, etc… you can trust JioLink like the old Nokia mobile. If you wish to know more about JioFi device, you may read out the article about JioFi 4 vs JioFi 5 versions 

How does JioLink Works and what is the Technology behind it?

JioLink is a kind of indoor 4G internet service. This device provides you 4G internet with the help of Jio Sim inside it. This Jio service is very different from JioFi or Jio broadband. Once you bought the device, you have to fix the modem(Main part of the device) outside your home, most probably in the roof of your home/office building. Don’t forget to install the sim inside the device. In the device, there is Ethernet out port which be used to receive the internet as well as to supply necessary electric charge supply to the device.

Along with the Jio Link box they also provide RJ45 cable with is used to connect into the Ethernet port. You have to connect the cable to the device and the other end of the cable to a splitter. The splitter with have three ports, i.e., 2 Ethernet port (in/out) and the other one is not a port actually but the plug for electricity.

how jiolink works

The line coming from the JioLink modem is to connect into the Ethernet IN port of splitter. The Ethernet OUT port will lead to your Desktop/Laptop computer. You can also connect the line to a Separate modem or router in case you need to use WiFi. We will explain all the process so that you can set up your device easily. When we talk about technology, it has an LTE modem + an antenna. It is the same as the one used in the device JioFi and Similar to high-end technology in Reliance Jio DtH service 

Features of the Device

  • East or west, Speed should be the best. Yes, JioLink can provide you enough internet speed as you wanted. It is capable of driving speed more than JioFi device. In our case, we were able to get 25-30mb/sec speed even though our network coverage was very low.
  • No Boot-up time. As we have seen in JioFi requires some time to start up the device. This device doesn’t need any sort of time for its booting. This internet connection is established almost instantly. It may take a few mins if you are using sperate modem alone with.
  • Jio link can withstand any weather conditions and provide stable internet access for you. The antenna is so sensitive that it can capture low-frequency range and absorb it. It is very suitable if you are from a village area where FTTH services like Jio Broadband is not available

Jio Link Price

This device comes in a price range of Rs. 2500 including installation and setup.  As a regular internet user, you may think the price is higher compared to JioFi which comes with more features and mobility and less in price. As of my opinion its all about the internet speed and connection stability. There is no way that JioFi beats Jiolink is any way in terms of that. More information regarding the comparison is below.

What are all things included with the Device Box?

So you are ready for Jiolink to buy but do you know what all things come along with the device in the box. Yes, we will help you out with that. The Device Box is packed up with the following.

jio link box includes

  • Of course, the LTE Modem
  • PoE adapter what we called as the splitter along with its screws and anchors
  • Mounting kit with its anchors and screws
  • Ribber clips for Rj45
  • quick start guide for additional information and warranty card
  • A Jio sim card will also be provided from the store.

Here comes the most awaited part of the article how to get Jio link.

How to Buy JioLink?

Reliance Jio wasn’t much interested in selling this product. We think it as they believe it would lessen the market of their JioFi series. Anyhow you can still buy JioLink from any Jio Stores available in your area. You just have to visit any Jio store to purchase the device. You also have to take the necessary documents along with you for buying the Jio sim.

jiolink packingbox

How to Buy from an offline store?

  1. Simply visit your nearby Jio Store
  2. Tell them you want to buy Jiolink
  3. Provide necessary documents to verify your address because you are also receiving a Jio sim along the device
  4. Pay Rs.2500 as cash or in any mode which is accepted in the Store.
  5. They will assist you with the further steps of installation of the device.

Simply follow the above steps to buy the device’s Essential to verify with any valid identity proof, or you have to verify your identity along with the address. So, Aadhar Card or any other valid id proof should be provided and have to pay for the device.

How to get Jio link Online from Amazon/Flipkart?

Even though Jiolink is available at offline Jio stores, they are not yet available to buy online from Amazon, Flipkart or any other website not even from Reliance Jio official website. We hope in future it may be possible to buy online. Problems related to Address verification of the buyer may be the reason why Jio is not providing Jiolink buy online. We are adding pre-made search queries to check the availability of the device in Amazon and Flipkart right below. We hope it is to be helpful for you so check it instantly.

How to Install JioLink in home/office?

Installation procedure us bit harder you are planning to do it alone. Anyhow Jio representatives will be for the installation process. Still, if you like to do it alone, you can install the device easily by below steps. Few things are required before you start.


  • Torx 10 screwdriver and a regular screwdriver
  • Power driller
  • An ethernet cable of small length
  • More cable if the provided length is not enough.

You are all set to start. First of all, find the right place to fix the device accordingly. Good if it is a wall in open space outside your home/office. So let’s see further steps. see the photos clarification

Steps for installation of Jio Link modem

  1. Unbox the box and take all the parts out.
    unboxing jiolink device
  2. Find the place to fix the device and make holes for the mounting kit accordingly.
  3. Insert the anchors into the whole and fix the holder with the screws provided.
  4. Take the modem, and at there backside, there is an opening. Open it with a screwdriver that and insert the provided Jio sim into it.
    adding jio sim to jiolink
  5. Now fix the modem into the holder which you already have been mounted to the wall.
  6. Now its time to make the connection, join one end of the ethernet cable to the port on the modem.
  7.  Take the other end to your inside the room and connect it with the adapter.
  8. Then take the small network cable and connects its one end to the adapter and other to your laptop/desktop.
    connecting jiolink device to pc
  9. Finally, plug the adapter to the electricity socket. Done. Check your computer you can see that you are connected to a network. And the internet should be working correctly.

If you want to buy an additional ethernet cable of length, you can easily buy it online from Amazon inexpensively. We are adding links for the same below.

Jio Link Recharge Plans

This is the most important part of the article because without an active internet plan in the sim you use in the device you can not use the internet. The more the speed is the more data we will use that’s a fact well, Reliance Jio knows it well. That is why Jio introduced different plans for JioLink users. There are 3 Different Jio link plans; all three comes with a daily data limit of extensive 5 GB high-speed data. In case if your 5 Gb/day limit gets exhausted, you can still surf in a speed of 64kb/sec which makes the plan truly unlimited.

jiolink recharge plans

At the time of launching of this device, Jio offered six months of free internet as a welcome offer. Now we have heard that there is no free internet and similar offers with the purchase of the device. You may confirm its details with the store since we have no official information regarding it we can not confirm it alone. So we were talking about Jiolink Recharge plans are based on months. They are in recharge terms of Monthly, Quarterly, and Half Yearly with rupees 699, 2099 and 4199 respectively. Let I explain in detail.

Monthly Recharge Plan – Rs 699

In this monthly recharge plan, you have to recharge for Rs 699, and you will get Unlimited data but high-speed data in a total of 140 Gb for 28 days + 16Gb additional data. Which availed a maximum of 5Gb in a day. The additional data is used when you finish the 5Gb limit any at any point of time in a day, and the balance of additional data is kept as it is. Apart from data users can also avail complimentary subscription to all the Jio Apps as well. Users can not use Voice or SMS services in this JioLink Recharge plan

Quarterly Recharge Plan – Rs 2099

Quarterly recharge plan of Rs 2099 will get you High-speed data of 538 Gb for 98 days, ie. for three whole months. 538Gb includes additional data of 48GB. This also has a limit of 5Gb high-speed data + the additional data if left. The quarterly plan will also receive free access to various Jio apps, and the users can not avail SMS or Voice services.

Half  Yearly Recharge Plan – Rs 4199

Similarly, Half Yearly recharge plan of Rs 4199 will cover your internet for seven whole months, ie. 196 days. This massive plan is my favorite it has 1076 GB of data where 5GB/Day Pack + 96GB as additional data. Users also get complimentary subscriptions to all the Jio Apps as well. Users can not use Voice or SMS services in this recharge plan too.

We are adding a quick comparison of all three plans below which will help you to decide which plan to choose as the best.

Monthly Vs Quarterly Vs Half Yearly Jio link recharge plans

  • These plans will only work if you use the sim in a JioLink device
  • You will get data @ the speed of 64 Kbps after the daily Limit

How to connect WiFi to Jio Link Modem

Worried because of you thought this internet connection could be only used in laptop or desktop since it gives out an wired ethernet connection? There is nothing to be worried of technically it is possible to install a WiFi zone form this connection. All you need is a WiFi router with you do it. Follow the below steps to connect a WiFi router with your JioLink so that you can use High-speed internet in your Mobile or on other Wifi enabled devices.

  1. Take the router and place it near the adapter (Splitter)
  2. Now connect the Ethernet OUT cable from the adapter to the Ethernet IN port of the router
  3. Then just plug the router and switch on. You will be able to use the Internet over the WiFi.

connect jiolink with router

And that was pretty easy. Now if you want to connect multiple computers/nodes, you can connect it using other Ethernet OUT ports of the router. In Case you don’t want a WiFi connection but need to connect the modem with different computers/nodes you can use a different method. That is with the help of a Network Switch device. Follow the below steps for that.

  • Place a Switch device near the adapter
  • Just connect the Ethernet Out from the adapter to any of Ethernet port of the switch
  • Connect other nodes into the Switch and Turn on it. All the devices which are connected to the Switch will receive the internet connection equally.

JioLink Product Review

Yes, as far as we have studied and experienced this excellent product from Reliance Jio, we are pleased to write a small review about the same. Being a blogger and a techie, the internet is the essential thing in our life and area of work. In that case, a stable and reliable internet connection is very important. JioLink is good enough to provide us that inexpensively. Things we like in this device are

  • Stable and constant internet connection with high bandwidth.
  • High-quality build material used in the making of the modem and accessories.
  • Well designed Jio link recharge plans. We are well satisfied with plans and the amount of data volume as well.
  • Customer support! Of course, that’s something that makes reliance Jio different from other providers.

In the end, This is device is a fantastic product from Jio. Every part of it is appreciable apart from facts that this device doesn’t provide a facility to use Jio voice or Sms like JioFi. But I am pretty sure that won’t be an issue for many like me. If you like our article, please do share with your friends and family, also comment if you got any doubts regarding JioLink we would try to answer as fast as possible.



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