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Why JioFi Battery Light is Blinking?



If you are looking to know the reason or for a solution for the JioFi Battery Light Blinking then, continue reading the article, you will surely get a proper answer to that. JioFi LED indicators are available on all the JioFi variants currently available in the market, which includes the JioFi M2, JMR 540, JMR1140, M2S, JMR815, JMR1040, JMR541, JMR814, and the JDR810. These LED indicators help to know the status of the device quickly. Battery Indicator, WiFi indicator, Network signal strength indicator, Connection indicator, WPS indicator, and the Power key LED indicators are available. Still, all these indicators may not be available on these devices.

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The green, blue, and red indication colors are generally used to represent the device status. In the article, we share the JioFi Battery Indicators or indication of light color meanings, and it helps you to understand why your JioFi Battery Light is Blinking.

What are the JioFi Battery Status Indicators?

The JioFi Dongle has a “battery shaped” icon generally on the top or at the side, which helps the users to know the battery status. The green, blue, and red color shows the battery status or level. You can refer to the table below to know the meaning of each of these colors on Jio 4G Dongle.

Indicator ColourIndicationBattery Status
GreenSolidBattery high/AC adapter connected without battery inside
GreenSlow BlinkingCharging while the battery is high
BlueSolidBattery medium
BlueSlow BlinkingCharging while battery is low
RedSolidBattery low
RedSlow BlinkingCharging while battery is low

How to Fix the JioFi Battery Light Blinking?

Many users are looking for a solution for the battery blinking, but there is no solution for that. The LED indicators are made to show the status of the device or to know the battery level. We hope you checked the provided table, which shows the status of the JioFi 4G Dongle battery. You may also like to check our detailed comparison between the JioFi 4 and the JioFi 4G Dongle.

Which are the LED indicators available on JioFi Dongle?

The Reliance Jio Company considered adding many LED indicators that are very useful to their product users. The available indicators are the battery level and power indicators, WiFi status, Network signal strength, Connection, and the WPS indicator. These LED indicators help the users to understand the staus like low power, charging, network error, and more very quickly.



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