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JioFi 4 vs JioFi 5 – Which is Better?



The JioFi or Jio Dongle is a portable broadband product or device of the Reliance Digital. Before going to the main topic, i.e., the JioFi 4 vs JioFi 5 let us check a few necessary details about the Jio Netsetter. If you remember the olden days, we were going to cyber cafes to have internet access. Sometimes we need to pay high charges to download any kinds of stuff from there. The broadband services completely change the view or can say that the Jio succeeded to make to a huge impact. The JioFi is a portable broadband Router launched by the Reliance Private Limited. Various JioFi version is available in the market. Each of them has much changes in their design, battery capacity and in other features. Each of the updated version is developed to give better service to their customers.


The JioFi allows multiple users or upto 32 users to access the high-speed 4G internet connection. So, effectively we can say that a mobile phone having only 3G capability can access 4G internet with the help of this Jio Hotspot or LYF-powered JioFi device. It allows 1 USB connection and upto ten devices at a time, which looks more than enough for everyone. These devices can be bought from your nearest Jio outlets or stores, Amazon, Flipkart, Official Jio Online Shopping Store, and other online shopping sites. The router has less than 250 grams so, its easy to carry and also they provide affordable recharge plans.

JioFi 4 vs JioFi 5

SpecificationsJioFi 4JioFi 5
Model numberJMR 1140JMR 814
Type4G Routers4G Routers
Item Weight222 g209 g
Package Dimensions8.87 X 7.89 X 1.66 cm10 x 10 x 5.9 cm
Battery CapacityLi-ion 2600 mAh BatteryLi-ion 2300 mAh Battery
Broadband CompatibilityMiFi (Sim Based)MiFi (Sim Based)
Average Battery Standby Life (in hours)More than 7 HoursUpto 6 hrs
Wireless Speed150 Mbps150 Mbps
Frequency2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Frequency BandSingle BandSingle Band
Memory Card Slot SupportUpto 32 GBUpto 32 GB
SIM or UIM Support4G4G
Battery1 Lithium Polymer1 Lithium ion
Lithium Battery Energy Content9.90 Watt Hours4.8 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight2.50 Grams0.30 Grams
Included ComponentsMi-Fi Data Card, Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, Manual and Warranty CardRouter, USB Adapter, USB Cable, Battery, QSG and Warrenty Card
Network TypeWAN: LTE (2300/1800/850MHz) IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only  LTE Bands: 2300 / 1800 / 850 MHz, WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n | 2.4 GHz
Power SupplyAC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A  AC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A  
No of Devices supportedRecommended 10 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering)  Upto 31 (Wi-Fi)
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Which Model is Better?

When checking the specification of both devices has many standard features. Both devices look entirely different but, product weight is almost the same. The Jiofi 4 (JMR 1140) is an older version, and the JioFI 5 (JMR 814) is the upgraded version. But, the JMR 1140 have more battery backup than the new one. Commonly, everyone checks for better battery backup product and on that view the Jiofi 4 is a better version. In the case of the product price or recharge plans, we can say they there is no difference. So, JioFi 4 is one of the best selling Jio Router and which gives better battery backup. So, if you ask for a better product then, we recommend you to purchase the Jiofi 4 JMR 1140 model Jio Dongle.

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Reliance JioFi Router Price in India

The Reliance Jio Netsetter MRP on the product box of all the available models is approximately Rs 2399. They might have some variations depending upon the variants. These devices are sold at a rate of Rs 999 to 1500. For example, the JioFi 4 is available on the Jio online shop at a rate of 999, but the sites like Amazon or Flipkart are selling the same product at more than Rs 1200. So, the product price may vary depending upon the offer period and seller. Approximately we can say that it will be below 1399. For the newly released models, the rate may be bit higher until the product trend lasts.

Where can I buy a JioFi Netsetter?

The JioFi Netsetter are available in Jio stores, Online Jio Shop and also available in other shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The MRP of both the models are around Rs 2499 but, it’s possible to buy at a rate of Rs 999. In the Jio Online Shopping store, only the JioFi 4 is available along with some other models but, in the Amazon or Flipkart both the JMR 1140 and JMR 814 are available but, the price of the product is more than Rs 1300. So, it’s better to buy from the Jio Store if you are thinking to buy the Jio Dongle model 4 and for model 5 you can buy from other sites.

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What are the Common Features of JioFi?

So, we have already discussed the price details and comparison data. Now, let’s check some of the characteristic features of the JioFI device. We are listing some of the specifications of the JioFi device, and while comparing with the Netsetter of the other companies like the Airtel and Idea, the Jio device is much better with its features and also with the recharge plans provided with each model. So, now check the below-listed features of the Jio Dongle.


  1. High-Speed 4G Internet

    The Jio Netsetter provides high-speed 4G internet with up to 150 Mbps download speed and the 50 Mbps of upload speed.

  2. HD Video and Unlimited Audio Calls

    The JioFi users can make an audio conference call of 5+1 and the video conference call of 3+1. Through this smart device, users can make unlimited Audio calls and also HD video calls.

  3. Connect Upto Devices at a Time

    It allows to connect upto 31 wifi and 1 USB device to connect but, its recommended to use upto ten devices at a time to have better performance. You can use the 4G hotspot to enjoy High-speed internet on your 2G, or 3G device has Wifi feature.

  4. JioFi Recharge Plans or Offer

    They provide exciting offers along with the JioFi with huge cashback offers like the Dhana Dhan Offer.

  5. Battery Backup

    The better battery backup is the significant advantage of the JioFi devices than the other companies Netsetters. It’s able to use upto 7 hours of usage with a full charge device that’s the best available in the market.

What are the Features of JioFI 4?


  1. The product comes in a rectangular brand box, and the product is an oval shaped dark color device with 222G weight.
  2. The power button and the WPS button are placed at the top or front face of the Modem.
  3. The device has a dimension of 88.7 X 78.9 X 16.6 mm and has separate indicators for the signal strength, power, and wifi status.
  4. It comes with a Lithium Polymer with a capacity of 2600 mAh and provides more than 7 Hours backup.
  5. It has a micro SIM slot and memory card slot, which supports upto 32 GB MicroSDHC card.
  6. It comes with a Wifi module of 802.11 b/g/n and supports upto 31 connections along with 1 USB connection but, its recommended to connect upto ten devices at a time.
  7. The MRP of the product on the sale package is 2,399 but, it’s available to buy from 999 to 1299, which varies depending upon the offers, seller.
  8. The JioFi JMR 1140 Data Card can be purchased from the Jio Online or Offline store or the shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

What are the Features of JioFi 5?


  1. An upgraded version of the JioFi 5, rectangular shaped dark color device with 209G weight and has a hook at the right top corner of the product.
  2. The battery capacity of the device is  2300 mAh, which is less than the JioFi 4 and provides more 6 hours backup.
  3. Both the power button and the WPS buttons are placed at the left side of the device.
  4. Besides the hook on the device, the LED indicators for the signal strength, power, and the wifi status are present.
  5. It also has the MicroSDHC card slot and supports upto 32 GB, along with the micro SIM slot.
  6. The MRP of the JioFi JMR 814 Data Card on the sale package is 2,499 but, it’s available to buy from Rs 999 to 1299.
  7. The product is currently not available on the Jio online store but, you can get that from your nearest Jio outlets, or else you can shop from the popular online shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart.

JioFI Customer Care Number


You can contact the above JioFi customer care number to have queries related to the product offers, warranty claim and also know how to return the JioFi device. You can also visit the nearby Jio Service Center to resolve your issues.


We did our best to deliver you every detail about both devices. You can check our recent articles on different Jio products and services. Subscribe to our blog push notification to regular updates from our blog regarding the Jio products. If you found the article then, share the article with your friends also we appreciate commenting below on your feedbacks and doubts.



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