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How to Solve JioFi 3 Red Light Blinking Issue?



Here is one special article those who are facing JioFi 3 red light blinking issue. We will try to include every detail to solve the problem quickly, you can also check the below-attached video tutorial. Reliance Jio being introducing various products after their launch. Their mobile broadband JioFi was one among the most successful products they launched ever. The Jio Dongle has already become one of the most demanding WiFi routers in the current market. Jio Netsetter now available in various versions like JioFi 1, JioFi 2 and JioFi 3. Reliance Jio never forgot to keep their software and built-in features updated

Jiofi 3 the most successful hotspot version of Reliance Jio ever launched. It is specially designed to last for a long period. Though its electronic device there are chances to have some technical problems and errors. In this article, we will quickly discuss a few such issues with JioFi 3 and Other Jio Dongle versions. If you have a Jio Netsetter and you have problems like JioFi 3 red signal blinking, JioFi Heating issue, then this article is for you.

What does Red Light Blinking in JioFi 3 means?

The Red light blinking is a common issue that been reported by many of our readers. Also, my friends faced the same problem who use JioFi devices, especially on newer versions, ie. JioFi 2 and 3. This type of dongle has 3 different indicating lights in the front part. While in this case, the middle light (see above image) which is the signal indicating the light keeps blinking in RED color. If you can see any similar issue in your device, follow our guide to fixing it correctly fastly and safely. You may also check our article on Jiofi battery light blinking Some other issues that you may find in your wifi dongle which are related to JioFi red light blinking are the following.

  1. Random blinking of the light :
    The red light may blink at random times even when the network is working fine, you don’t have to worry about this blinking. This happens with most of the users its because the device is trying to increase the signal level to the maximum of its extent
  2. On start Blinking :
    While switching on the device after sim insertion or Turning on after battery ejection and reinsertion. The jiofi red light blinking may be there for a few mins, and that is a quite normal thing. You won’t get internet at this point in time, you don’t have to worry, this will automatically stop and start working as normal. This happens because the device is booting up and preparing for this functioning

In the case for the above scenarios, you don’t have to do anything it’s normal. Even though it takes 10-15 mins it with go back to the original state in some time. But there are situations when the light blinking doesn’t stop at all. We will discuss how it occurs and how to fix it easily and quickly. You can subscribe to our push notification to know the latest services and also product updates from the Reliance Jio. To know more about Jio products like Jio Dth, various Jio apps and other updates you can visit us any time and ask us anything about Jio products.

How does Jiofi red light blinking occur?

As we said about the continuous blinking of the red light (the red led light in the middle) continuously non stop is an issue that should be taken seriously. Let me explain why is it happening. This happens because of device software malfunctioning due to an interception of its process by the user or by any circuit errors. Like, suppose the user has removed the battery while it was booting up. Then the process may end up failing the bootup process, and when you start the device afterward, the processor may return errors. That’s how the light keeps blinking.

jiofi lights

 This may also occur if you start your Jio Netsetter with an unactivated Jio Sim because the device may fail to connect to the network or sent signals to the nearby reliance io tower while the starting process. I am adding two things that you have to check before you fix the jiofi 3 red light blinking using our steps.

Things to check before trying to fix Jiofi red light blinking error

  1. Check whether your Jio Sim is activated correctly and Have jio internet data(internet pack) currently enabled in the sim.
  2. Confirm your sim is working properly by trying it on some other phone.
  3. Also, check there are no issues regarding the network. Means check the Jio internet is working correctly on your other phone or someone’s mobile from your home.

If you have checked all three things above that find, everything is correct. Now you can move to Jiofi red light blinking fixation steps. You need a sim ejector tool or a safety pin during the process. Proceed to the following steps once you make sure that you got the requirements.

How to Fix JioFi 3 red light blinking issue?

  1. Take JioFi device on your hands and Turn the back side facing to you.
  2. Remove the outer cover of the device carefully.
  3. Now take the sim ejector tool or safety pin.
  4. There is a small device reset button inside a tiny hole. (check below image)
    jiofi 3 red light blinking fixing
  5. Put the sim ejector tool or a safety pin into the hole and gently press it for 7-10 seconds.
  6. Then take the pin off.

Now you can see the device restarting. Firstly all the lights will turn off then all the indicators will glow again in red. Slowly jiofi three red light blinking will become constant Green. And you will be able to use the internet and wifi connection as usual. What’s happening here is the device is completely restarting like its initial booting up procedure. We have added a video tutorial for the same below. I hope it will help you do the steps quickly.

Things to remember while doing the reset

  • Do not press too heavily/hardly. It may damage the reset button or even destroy the circuit board. So only press gently.
  • You should keep the battery in the on position, means the battery should be connected to the device while you perform the reset.
  • Carefully handle the pin don’t make the hole in your hand 😛

Video Tutorial

We have attached a video tutorial of the complete steps to fix the jiofi blinking problem. Hope this would be helpful and make your task easier.


We have tried our best to provide you the fixation and hope you have fixed the issue properly. You can subscribe to our push notification to know the latest services and also product updates from the Reliance Jio. We appreciate commenting your feedbacks below and even if you have any doubts then, feel free to comment below. We will reply to your queries as soon as possible. If you found this helpful then, consider sharing this article with your friends having Jio phone. Check out our recent articles to know about the Jio offers and upcoming services and also subscribe to our push notification.



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