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How to Go Live on Facebook Using Jio Phone?



Reliance Jio Became the most successful brand because they made Basic internet, social networking and communication mean in such an affordable way that every section of the people could easily access them. This is the reason behind the success of Jio as a brand in India. When the Huge relief from the mobile data cost was started it opened a large increase in the Internet user in that period. In that Peek time, Reliance jumped in with their revolutionary Product JioPhone. It’s true that they tried a hand in the smartphone section but that didn’t come up very much. Their Lyf-Series android phone was a total drop for an instance.


Facebook is the most active social media platform in today’s world. Daily millions of Gb worth data is spent to watch and use Facebook and its content like facebook live, facebook videos, etc.. People ofter come to live streaming to share their happiness with their friends and family. In this article, we will discuss how to stream facebook live from your Jio Phone. I wonder if you would like to know about the new Jio Phone 3 and its booking details.

What is Facebook application in JioPhone?

JioPhones is a very low featured phone compared to other high-end smartphones. But The software engineers made in such a way that it can also support a few applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or Youtube. This helps the users to get connected to the internet throughout the day. Having a high-end phone to accessing the internet is no more an impossible thing for the people who can’t afford the same. JioPhones runs on KaiOS which is designed to run such applications in a low resource environment.



KaiOs is a kind of OS with only needs small resource to run. It is very powerful and simple to use. It uses HTML and Javascript codings to create a suitable virtual atmosphere for the applications to run. The JioPhone has Its own Inbuilt app store which is filled up with useful applications similar to its android or ios version. Its is updated daily with new apps and updates of old apps. You can download all your favorite applications directly from this app store. I wonder who will feel bored when you have such a handy device with you to provide unlimited entertainment. In case you want to know how to stream live on Youtube from JioPhone then you can read it in our previse article.

Steps to install Facebook application in JioPhone

The Facebook installation process is as simple as a kid can easily do it. Follow the below steps carefully to do the same. In case you face any errors read the whole article, you will successfully install it.



  1. First ensuring you have enough data balance to download the application and turn-on the mobile Data.
  2. Locate Jio Store from the menu and open it.
  3. Search for  “FaceBook app” in the top search area.
  4. You will find details regarding the Facebook app.
  5. Just click on it and click on the ‘Install application’.

If you are still unable to install the Youtube application it can be because you have an outdated version of OS. You have to update KaiOS for that follows below steps:

  •  Open your Jio phone menu and go to the settings.
  • Now click on software updates and check if any software update is available for the given operating system.
  • If you found its available just install the latest upgrade. That’s it now you will be able to install the application.

How to Go Live on Facebook using Jio Phone?

I hope you have successfully installed the application in your Jio phone device. Now its the time for the main, Before going into that make sure you have a facebook account else you will have to make a facebook account in order to login to the app. Now follow the below steps to go live on facebook in Jio Phone.



  1. Locate Facebook from the menu and open it.
  2. Login or signup with your Facebook account
  3. In the Home page of facebook, you will see the option “Go Live
  4. Click in that and enter a small description of your live section.
  5. Now click on Start Button.
  6. That’s it you are live now, Now you can interact with your friends on live.


Now that’s it all about facebook on Jio Phone and its Live feature. Still, if you face any kind of trouble you can comment it below. We will definitely help you sort out the issue. If you like our article please comment and share.

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