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Jio Media Cable Price: Buy Online from Amazon/Flipkart [2019]



The Reliance Jio will launch their exclusive product Jio Media Cable or Jio TV Cable in the next few months. The Media Cable helps the ones having the Jio Phone or the Jio Phone 2 to live stream channels, TV shows, movies on their TV or television with the Jio device. As per the available details, the cable may have an MRP or maximum retail price of Rs.1499 in India. Shortly, the Jio DTH Service is expected to launch, and the new Media cable may negatively affect the future DTH business. This may be the reason for the delay in starting the product but, as per the details available, the product will be available in 2019 itself.

As we have already mentioned, the product is not currently available in the market. As of now, it’s not possible to buy neither from offline stores nor from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues or from any other online shopping sites. But, the complete product videos along with the product unboxing or reviewing videos are available. You may all think how can it be possible if the product is not launched officially, it’s possible because the test products were available and those making the unboxing/reviewing videos got those pieces. Which shoes the product is real and the launch can be expected in the next few months. As of now, there is not even a single update about the product from the officials but, it’s assumed to be launch within next few months THe launch can be expected in the year 2019 itself.

You can have every detail about the Jio Media Cable including the product price, images, review and everything else on this article. Just like every other product, the Jio Media Cable also have some alternatives which might work like the original device and we have listed some of those devices below. You can also check those devices if you don’t have the patience to wait for the original product announcement. We have provided the direct links to buy those Jio Media Cable Alternatives and hope those will help you. You can subscribe our push notification or can bookmark this page to get an update once the product is launched. You can also contact you nearest Jio Stores or Outlets to know the details about the product.

What is Jio Media Cable or Jio TV Cable?

People having any of the Jio Phones models can simply cast the shows or channels available on the JioCinema and the JioTV application.  As per the details available, there are two types of cables, M532 and M533. One of them is for the HD or Smart TVs having the HDMI port, and the other one is for the old CRT TVs. So, this shows that anyone has any of the Jio Phone models and Smart TVs or old CRT TVs can stream the channels with the help of Media cable. It is just like how the non-smart TVs are allowed to stream Live TV and movies or access online streaming services with devices like Amazon Fire TV stick. So, with the help of the different type of cables, its supported and possible to stream contents on the HD and also old CRT TVs.


Yes, it’s a cool thing, but it will affect the expected upcoming service or business, DTH. There were some rumors about the Jio DTH Service and some few Jio SetTop images got viral last year. But, this was not officially announced, or there was No official update. If the news is right then, we can expect the DTH launch in the next few months, and the Jio TV or Media cable may negatively affect this new service. This might be the reason for the too much-delayed launch of the cable. The Reliance Jio Industries Limited hasn’t done any official announcement or update about the product.

Different Types of Media Cables

Jio Media Cable comes in two variants, one is the M532, and another is M533. The M532 comes Blue colored packaging and which have an RCA connector for old CRT TVs. The M533 comes in Red colored packaging and which have HDMI port for HD TVs. Both the variants have a maximum retail price of Rs.1499, and currently, both options are not available in the market. Because of these two variants availability, the Jio device is supported to or can say it can be connected to both the LCD HD (High Definition) Televisions and also to the old CRT TVs.


People having an older system can also enjoy the new product from Reliance Jio. So, that’s a significant advantage to the system. Check the below-attached image, which shows both the available variants. However, there is no update from the company or officials on when the Jio Media Cable or the Jio TV Cable sale go live in India.

How To Connect Jio Phone with TV Using Media Cable?

  1. Connect your Jio Phone to the HDMI/RCA (preferred) adaptor.
  2. Provide the power supply to the adaptor with the Micro-USB to USB Cable.
  3. Connect the adaptor output with Television using HDMI or RCA cable.
  4. Now, there will be a confirmation message “Ready to cast” on the TV.
  5. Open the JioCinema or JioTV app on JioPhone and start streaming.
  6. To change the channels, use the navigation keys on JioPhone.
  7. Enjoy the TV Channels/Shows and Cinemas on the big screen.


How the Jio Media Cable Works?

As we have already mentioned, the Jio TV Cable available in two variants. Package with Blue color for old CRT TVs (with RCA connector) and box with Red color for HD TVs (with HDMI port). To get started, you have to connect the device in the package using the provided cable to your TV firstly. Now, you need to power the device; a micro USB cable is contained in that package and which is used to power the device. Then, connect your Jio Phone to it. Once you are done these steps, then you could cast the content on your Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2 with the officially provided apps like JioCinema or the JioTV.

If you want to change or switch the currently watching channel, then you can simply do that with the left or right navigation keys on the Jio device or else can do within the JioTV application itself. The volume can also be adjusted using the buttons (up/down) on the Jio device. The JioTV app can be used to watch any available channels, and the JioCinema app is the best choice for watching movies. So, you can watch the film with the Jio Media Cable on your TV along with the Jio Phone having the JioCinema application. This officially provided/developed app consist of a vast collection of new and old cinemas in many languages. We are attaching a video tutorial below, and you can simply watch that for a demonstration to understand how it works.

Quick Information About Jio Media Cable

Product NameJio Media Cable
ManufacturerReliance Jio Private Limited
MRPRs 1400
VariantsM532 & M533
Launch Date in IndiaNot Confirmed
Expected Launch DateJuly 1, 2019
Product AvailabilityNot available
Available PortsAudio Video + HDMI
Support SystemsLCD & CRT

Where to Buy Jio Media Cable?

As of now, the Jio TV Cable or the Jio Phone Media Cable is not available in the market. There is no official update about the product, the product may negatively affect the upcoming DTH service, and that may be the reason for the delay. After the product is released, you can Buy Jio Media Cable Online shopping sites. The product will be available in the online markets as well as in the offline Jio stores or outlets once it’s launched. The Jio Media Cable will be available on Online shopping sites such as Amazon & Flipkart.

While analyzing, we found many people are searching for Jio Media Cable Buy Online Amazon or Jio Media Cable Flipkart and many more. But, the fact is the fact that the product is not officially announced then, it’s impossible to buy from these shopping sites. The Jio Phone TV Cable launch is expected in 2019 itself. The Jio Media Cable Launch Date can’t be appropriately determined as there is no official update. But, we can assume that the product will be released or launched on the 2019 Reliance Jio Annual Meeting on July 2019. Once its announced the product might be available directly or there will be prebooking for the product just like the Jio Phones. The Jio Media Cable Online Booking can be done on the official Jio site and also on the offline outlets.

Jio Media Cable Price & Availability

On the product packing, the MRP or the maximum retail price is clearly seen as Rs 1499. But, we don’t expect the selling price of the product to be the same. Rs 1400 is too high for the product, and we don’t think someone can accept the amount. The product may sell at Rs 1000 or below. The product details are not available officially, and many YouTubers got the product from some unknown source. The Jio Phone and the Jio Phone 2 are the best-selling mobiles in India, and as per their report, Millions of pieces or units got sold in a very short span. So, they have Millions of customers, and the majority of them are eagerly waiting for the product to launch. The product launch will make a significant impact in the DTH service because people may stop paying extra monthly charges for the DTH service and start using the Jio Phone with the Jio Phone Media Cable to enjoy movies and TV shows.


The Jio Media Cable Availability is the primary issue. Every Jio Phone user is eagerly waiting for the product from the last few months and as I have already mentioned No updates are available from the officials. After the product launch, some are saying that there will be some additional charges for using the Jio TV Cable but, we don’t expect that. You need to pay only for the Jio Phone Media cable and nothing else for using it on your device. As you all know, the official JioTV app allows the customers or users to enjoy over 600 channels. If the media cable is available then, everyone could simply cast it on their televisions very quickly and don’t need to pay anything else. If it happened then, we don’t think anyone will pay an extra amount monthly to the DTH service provider. Obsessively, this will make a massive loss to the DTH providers, and that’s why few of them are saying that there will be additional charges to use the cable with the Jio device. But, in our view, Jio won’t charge, or it’s impossible to charge an additional amount for using the Media Cable. However, there are no details available on when the Media Cable sale go Live.

Hope you all know about the devices like Amazon FireTV Stick or Chromecast, the Android/iOS streaming devices. The Jio Phone TV cable is based on uses the same technic in those devices and which helps to cast or stream the multimedia content from the device, phone to the TV or Television. As I already mentioned above, the Jio Phone Media Cable doesn’t have remote to change the TV Channels or to change the volume. You have to use the left/right or up/down navigation buttons to turn the channels and volume respectively. If there is an incoming call to the phone connected then it might interrupt the streaming and also the Jio Phone battery may cause an issue due to continuous charging of the device, during its connection with the cable.

How to Buy Jio Media Cable Online?

Its already mentioned that the product is available as of now. When its launched or released officially then, you could buy it from any online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or Shopclues. As per the details available, the product will launch in the next few months and you can able to get that after the product announcement. You can follow the below steps to buy the Jio TV Cable online from Amazon once it’s launched.


  1. Follow the link to Buy Jio Media Cable Online – Link
  2. Select the product variant [M533 with HDMI Port or M532 with RCA Port]
  3. Add the selected product to the Shopping Cart
  4. Create an account on amazon else Login your account
  5. Enter the shipping details and proceed to the Payment page
  6. Pay the amount online or select POS (Pay on Delivery)
  7. Your product will ship in a few hours, and you get the product delivered in a few days
  8. Enjoy with the Jio Phone TV Cable.

Jio Media Cable Alternative

You may be looking for Jio Phone Media Cable Alternatives, but the fact is that there may not be an alternative product available for that. As of now, the original product is not available, and everyone is looking for an alternative for the Jio Phone TV Cable. We are listing the available other Media cables on online shopping sites, and we haven’t checked, or we can’t guarantee whether it works with the Jio Phone or not. But, still, you can have on looking at those. You can directly check to buy or check the products through the links given below. We hope any of the product on the list might help you.

SL No.Product NameSellerProduct Price
1Storite1080P HDMI to 3 RCA Cable HDMI to AV Male Adapter Audio Video Cable for HDTVStorite Check Price
2FidgetGear HDMI to 3-RCA Video Audio AV Component Converter Adapter Cable for HDTVFidgetGear Check Price
3Easycap Video and Audio Capturing Device Directly From TVEasycap Check Price
4Teconica 1080p MHL-HDMI Cable | USB Port | for Mobile Phone Connect TVTeconica Check Price

Jio Media Cable Unboxing

Below we are attaching an Unboxing video of Jio Phone Media Cable. On the video, both the product variants, i.e., the M532 and M533 are unboxing and also showing how to use the device. It might be helpful to understand how to connect the device once you receive it.

Final Verdict

As a conclusion, we expect the product to be launched at the Reliance Annual General Meeting 2019 and which is held in July. Last year they announced or launched a few products which include the Jio Phone 2, JioGiga Fiber, etc. Its expected to launch few products which include Jio Phone 3, Jio DTH service, Jio Phone Media Cable and many other exciting offers this year.

If you still have any doubts or if we missed anything then let us know with a comment. If you found the article is helpful, then do share this article with your friends. It will be great if you could share this content on your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. We recommend you to bookmark this article, and we will update the article on the product is launched. Also, you can join our push notification to know the new updates from about the Jio products and services. So, comment down for any queries, we will respond as soon as possible.



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