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Reliance Jio GigaFiber: Broadband, Landline & TV Combo for ₹600



Hello, friends new updates regarding Reliance Jio GigaFiber are hitting the market with their upgraded product, plans and plenty of offers. Currently,  as a trial run GigaFiber alone is rolled out only in the major metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Surprisingly the customers welcomed the Product with both hands.

As a Successor to the project the reliance, Jio is adding the already promised Jio Home Tv service(Jio DTH) with the IP-TV technology in the GigaFiber Network. Wonderfully, In addition, they have added a Fixed Landline service as well. Now let’s look at it in detail.

What is JIo GigaFiber?

GigaFiber is an FTTH(Fiber to the home) internet connection service introduced by Reliance Jio. The Provided internet is of high speed compared to other providers. GigaFiber shows speed easily up to 100 Mb/s. This doesn’t end with just internet service. This users of this service can use Jio Home Tv or generally called Jio DTH for free of cost. New updates from

Jio states that GigaFiber will also provide and LandLine service that too at free of cost.

But, How can an internet connection contain a Tv connection within? Well, It is a new type of technology called IP-Tv. You can read more in our article about  IP-Tv technology in Jio Home tv and How it works.

GigaFiber Combo Offer

Internet + Jio Home Tv + Landline = ???

Reliance Jio Managed to provide all these with just 600rs per month :O. Yea you heard right, I am not joking.
Just by Paying 600 rupees in a month you can get the Internet, TV, and Landline. This will definitely cut off your monthly expenses and increase your savings.

Currently, GigaFiber in New Delhi and Mumbai, providing 100 gigabytes (GB) of data at 100 megabytes per second (mbps) for free, except for the 4,500 one-time deposit for a router. To this, telephone and television services will be added in the next three months, and all three services will remain free for about a year when the service will be commercially rolled out.

Jio Home Tv

Jio may be currently doing their tests with their new DTH system and it will be available for the public very soon. They will be available in the Jio store as well as on Online stores once it is officially launched. How to buy or book Jio DTH or Jio home tv online? it is very simple. Just follow steps in our article about jio dth and jio home tv

Other Reliance Jio Products News:

We Think think announcements or launching this year which includes the 5G Jio Phone 3, Jio DTH service, Jio Media Cable, etc. This might be the best new or release of this year, 2019. Reliance Jio is now gearing up to release the 5G Jio Phone 3 this year .

You can read all the details about Jio Phone 3 in our article about Jio phone 3 launch and Device details

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