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Connect JioFi on Windows Xp via USB [Jio Driver Fix]



Many people around India are still using Older version Windows OS like  Windows XP or Windows 7. Commonly in offices, schools and Similar Places. We also got many messages saying they are got able to use JioFi in their computers. Well, we can not blame them as well as JioFi in this case because they are using an outdated OS. Did that means they cannot use JioFi in Windows XP or Windows 7?, No! You can still use it by installing a Jio Driver (ndis XP driver ) in a few steps and use JioFi easily.


Today’s article is all about Jio Driver for Windows XP. Though only a few users are only facing Jiofi connecting error with windows 7. In case you are one among them then this article is for you. If you are a Windows XP user but didn’t buy JioFi just because you thought you can use it properly, then it might be the right time to buy one. Maybe our article on JioFi 5 and JioFi4 would be helpful for you. Let’s get started

What Is Jio Driver?

Well, it doesn’t need much explanation but for few who might think what is a Jio driver is for them let me give a quick explanation. A computer has peripherals to enhance its capabilities and resources. Printers, webcam, modem, or even the Jio Link, etc are among them. It has a Hardware part and software part. Though any hardware is connected to the computer there is a need for software to control the hardware/device. We call this software or set of instructions as a Driver. This acts as the mediator or interface between the device and the computer.

New versions of the OS (Operating system) comes with built-in drivers. means it already has drivers to run common devices like a newsletter or a JioFi. As in our case the Windows XP and in some Windows 7 older versions it doesn’t have the pre-installed driver to run the hardware/device which is our  JioFi. Hope you got the basic idea behind drivers so let’s move to the main part of the article ie. How to install Jiofi driver in Windows XP.

Download JioFi Driver for Windows XP and Windows 7

For installing the NDIS driver in the system the first thing you have to is to download the driver from the internet. Downloading the driver is only in the case of Windows XP. In the case of Windows 7, you don’t have to download anything, you have to reinstall or update the driver. Don’t worry we will explain this later in this article.

JioFi Driver for Windows XP (Latest version 2019)

  1. First, confirm that your operating system is Windows XP Home/Professional Edition
  2. We have uploaded the necessary files you can download it from HERE
  3. Once you have downloaded JioDriver from above link you can extract the file and keep the files ready for the further installation setups
  4. Open the downloaded file Remote NDIS.rar
  5. Password for the file is:
  6.  And Extract and keep it in the desktop or a handy place for quick retrieval.

Windows 7 Jio Driver setup

As I said in the earlier part if you are a Windows 7 user and you are still facing the same issue. There is nothing you have to download externally. All you can try is to troubleshot network connection or reinstall/repair existing driver. Updating the Windows 7  USB driver is the common fix for the Jio Driver issue in Windows 7. This will help you to use your favorite JioFi easily. Follow the below steps to understand the error fixation procedure.

Installing And setting up Remote NDIS driver for JioFi in Windows XP

Before starting, ensure you have downloaded the driver package that I have asked you to download in the above section of this article. If not yet please download it the files and processed with below steps.

    1. The downloaded file will be in a form of RAR file you have to extract it in order to install it. Extract it using the password and information we provided along with the driver download link
    2. Once you have extracted you can see 5 files like in the below picture. Once you got this. follow below steps carefully for successful installation of the Jio Ndis driver.
    3. First, Locate ” MY COMPUTER “(sometimes it may be only written as “COMPUTER” ) in your system, Generally, it is found in the Desktop itself if you don’t have it on the desktop you can find it in the “Start Menu”.
    4. Once you located Right Click on “MY COMPUTER” and click on “MANAGE
    5. Once you did it, a new window will popup

      1. Click on ” DEVICE MANAGER ” which is located on the left side of the window [1]
      2. Then a whole list of options will appear on the right side, you have to select “Network Adapters” from the list.[2]
      3. Now you can see 2 options below the “Network Adapters”. You have to Right-click in the second option from that ie. “Remote NDIS based internet sharing device” <<- Right-click on it and select “UPDATE DRIVER
    6.  Now an installation window will appear on the screen as shown in the below screenshot. Follow the steps one by one.
    7. On the new window select “Install from a list or specific location(advanced)”  and click on “Next“.
    8. On that click, another window will open.
    9.  Select the first option as shown, Then click on “browse” and select the folder where you have extracted the files and click on “next“.
    10. And Continue the installation procedure, once you are done with that you are all set.

Connecting the Internet in Windows XP after Installing Driver

Once you have completed the installation. Now its time to check whether your hard work pays off. Yes, now just connect Jiofi to the Windows XP computer. Do the steps as follows

  1. First of all, after installation Restart the computer.
  2. Once you are done with that, take a USB cable and connect to the JioFi device and into the computer.
  3. Now you can see that the internet connection is successfully connected to the computer.

Reinstalling And Fixing up USB driver for JioFi in Windows 7

Fixing Driver error in windows easy compared to XP since the interface and settings are very easy to use. Just follow the below steps and clear driver error in your system.

  • Click on “Start” and right-click on “Computer” from the left navigation menu and open “Manage”.
  • Now a new window “Computer management” will appear. Select “Device Manager” from the left menu.
  • It will show some new options in the right column. Towards the bottom, you can see “universal serial bus controller” click on it
  • It will list all installed USB divers, Now right-click in the diver related to the JioFi and click on “Update diver software”. And continue further as instructed.


Yes! Finally, that’s how it is to connect JioFi to Windows XP via USB. We explained as simple as we can through our article. Hope this article was helpful and informative and you have successfully done what you have been trying to do. If you like our article please do share it with friends and family

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