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Jio Charges 6 Paisa Per Minute for Non-Jio Calls



On 9th October 2019, Reliance Jio Officially announced that they will start charging 6 paisa per minute for calls made to another telecom network or Non-Jio calls. This looks like shocking news to the Jio Users who where using the Jio Free voice calls offer so far. As we all know that, Jio entered the Indian telecom market and made a huge change there.


It is mentioned that, due to the TRAI Regulation they are forced to charge this amount and they compensate this Jio provides free 1 GB 4G data for each Rs.10 recharge or paid calls and this will be in effect from 10th October 2019.

Why Jio Charges 6 Paisa Per Minute?

It was just mentioned above that its due to a TRAI regulation. Effectively, Reliance Jio is just recovering the amount that they have to pay to other telecoms for using their network during calls. This IUC or Interconnect Usage Charge is given as per the TRAI ruled and the company has to pay to the other networks 6 paisa per minute in order to use their networks. So, this charge of 6 paisa per minute for Jio Subscribers will be in effect until TRAI brings the fee down and Jio is not charging this from users to get profit.

How Long I Need To Pay 6 Paisa Per Minute?

You might be thinking that, how long I have to pay this amount. Its mentioned that they will remove this charge ones TRAI takes down this IUC charge and do TRAI remove this IUC charge? Yes, it’s expected that the TRAI will remove this IUC or Interconnect Usage Charge by January 1, 2020. So, you just need to pay two or three months and after that, you can again enjoy calls at free of cost from Reliance Jio.

Do I Need To Pay If Currently, I Have An Active Plan?

NO! As per the latest update, if you have recharged on or before 9th October 2019, you can continue enjoying free call benefits (even to non-Jio numbers), until your plan expires. It was officially announced via the Jio Official Facebook page and you can check the below-attached Screenshot to verify the mentioned details.


What are the IUC plans Offered By Jio?

Under this new scheme, the subscriber have to pay 6 paisa each minute for Non-Jio or calls to other network operators like Airtel or Vodafone-Idea. It started charging six paisa until the call started ringing. This amount will be charged via IUC top-up voucher, you can check the below list to know the IUC recharged introduced by Jio. The Reliance Jio introduced four new IUC plans and each plan comes with additional bonus 4G data benefits.

  1. Rs 10 plan = 124 IUC minutes + 1 GB data
  2. Rs 20 plan = 249 IUC minutes + 2 GB data
  3. Rs 50 plan = 656 IUC minutes + 5 GB data
  4. Rs 100 plan = 1,362 IUC minutes + 10 GB data

You have to do any of this IUC top-up recharge to make calls to other networks and Jio to Jio will be Free as always. Please refer to the below attached image provided officially by the company.


The TRAI reduced the IUC charge from 14 paise to 6 paise per minute, 2 years ago and it’s expected to completely bring down the charging from January 1, 2020. As per the details available on other websites, the Reliance Jio is the net payer of the Interconnect Usage Charge and the other operators Vodafone-Idea and Airtel are the revenue gainers. The Reliance Jio paid about 13,500 crores as net IUC to the other network operators. Analysts are saying that the other operators including Airtel and Vodafone-Idea will surely take benefit on this Jio’s new 6 paisa plan, they were bleeding financially till the launch of Jio due to their FREE tariff plans. They might take this 6 paisa plan as an opportunity to increase their voice call rates.

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