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What is Jio Home TV & How Jio DTH Work?



In this article, we will quickly round up some of the most enquired questions regarding Reliance Jio Dth and How Jio Dth or Jio Home TV worksJio is already proved that they are unstoppable with it’s advanced technological and affordable services provided for the common people. Now let’s see its take on its brand new Jio DTH service.


What is Reliance Jio Home TV?

Reliance Jio hit the Indian telecom industry back in 2016 with its advanced mobile network service, like 4G which was quite advanced, affordable and cheap compared to the other operators. People were too much attracted towards reliance Jio and started using its services with a small span of time. This affected all providers which evenly forced them to cut down their prices to withstand positions.

What? wait, let’s talk about Jio Dth services

Of course, Reliance didn’t stop it there, they introduced Jio Wifi, broadband services, now into DTH services. Actually, DTH comes along with the Jio broadband service. If you have JIo broadband in your home you can use Jio DTH with it. Well, that’s a bit confusing? let me clarify that!

How Jio Dth work?

Jio Home TV uses a different technology called IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) which uses Internet Protocol to transmit data packets which will turn into your favorite tv channels. You will get to see all the Indian TV Channels in Jio IPTV. And many of the Channels will be of HD Quality inexpensively.

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Unlike other Dth services, Dth service by Reliance Jio will be more reliable and affordable. IPTV technology is not so familiar with us but it is most commonly used in other countries like UK, USA, etc. So, now let’s see why Jio Dth is better than other DTH providers.

Features of Jio DTH


More speedy and Reliable

Jio DTH which comes along with JIo broadband service brings a more speedy and reliable environment. Jio broadband used FTTH (Fiber to the home) which use Optical fiber cables to transfer data. Means all the data you receive thought Jio broadband comes in the speed of light. You can easily enjoy data transfer speed 50-100 Mb/s in your home and this is how Jio DTH works. Like other DTH providers who use satellites to distribute connections has a connection problem while raining or cloudy atmosphere. Jio DTH will never have such problem, you can enjoy your tv channels and internet services flawlessly with Reliance. well, you check my article on the list of available channels in Jio DTH.

Cost-effective and affordable

Internet and television are two non-removable things in our daily life. We are spending money on them separately until now. If you take a Jio broadband connection both of your need is met because you get both internet and tv channels together. And that reduces the overall cost spending on both of them. So what are you waiting for, check about Jio DTH Booking

High Definition TV Channels and Smart TV

New technology brings new experiences, Jio Home TV would bring TV channels in High definition quality and high standard of telecasting. The setup box which we get with Jio DTH comes with an inbuilt user interface, similar to what we call smart TV (Like patch wall if Mi TV). Many interesting features are included in it like, Movie real-time recording, Any time movie, Youtube, Netflix, and similar things.

Jio Home TV Availability

As of now, FTTH connection is not much available in Rural village areas but is rapidly increasing day by day. That’s a small drawback I see in this. So for them, it will take some time to enjoy JIO DTH and Broadband services. In the other hand, people from cities and towns can enjoy. You may check Jio DTH available areas list in my article.

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1 Comment

  1. Pranav

    February 25, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    Is there is any other company currently use IPTV technology other than in jio dth ???????

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