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How to Connect Jio Phone to PC For Internet?



We know you are looking to understand How to Connect Jio Phone to PC For Internet and that’s why you are here. The Reliance Private Limited provides unbelievable offers along with their devices or mobile phones. We can say that No other companies are providing such data packs or other offers at that much cheap rates. We hope you remember the Rs 49 plan with the  Rs 1500 Jio Phone or the other offers with the Jio Phone 2. Unlimited 4G data, Free calling across the country along with the daily 100 SMS were offering for 20 days even on the Jio Mini Packs. But, we have to know the method to connect Jio phone to PC to use the data on your Desktop or Laptop.


USB Tethering in Jio Phone is required to use the available data packs. So, we also need to check about the Jio Phone USB Tethering Driver in this article. Thus, the data available at this much cheap rates can only be used only if it is possible to connect it with the computer. Typically, we use the Hotspot on our mobile phone to connect with the Laptop and the second option available is the USB Tethering. Almost everyone uses the second option only is the Hotspot is not available. Yes! Hotspot is not available on the Jio Phone so, we need to depend on the second option.

USB Tethering in Jio Phone

As we have already mentioned, the Hotspot option is not available on the Jio Phone. So, we need to rely on the USB tethering option. Its used to connect the mobile phone and the PC to share internet on the handset. In this case, the Internet Connection in the Jio Phone can be shared to the Laptop or the Desktop using tethering using the USB cable. So in this article, the Jio Featured Phone worth Rs 1500 users will get the solution to Connect Jio Phone with the computer.

By default, the Jio phone can’t connect with the PC using the USB tethering method. Yes, its true its not possible to connect with the computer by the default software on the Jio Phone. But, if you could do some changes in the device then, it may be possible. It looks much hard to have the facility to connect the device with the PC. So, it’s better to stay away from these methods and just read the article only to know there are options like this to do.

Jio Phone Doesn’t Have the USB Tethering Feature by Default. It’s possible to connect the Jio Phone with PC and share the Internet but, it is hard to do. Better Stay away from these to save your TIME and ENERGY.

Is it Possible to Share Internet on Jio Phone to Laptop?

The mobile phones or can say the Smart Phones having the Hotspot, or the Bluetooth can share the internet connection with the PC or Laptop. By using the Bluetooth tethering or using the hotspot feature, users can share the high-speed 4G data in the smartphone to the computer. Both these are not possible in the Jio Phone because they don’t have any of these facilities. The only method to do internet sharing is USB tethering. Yes, it’s possible to share the 4G internet connection on JioPhone to PC or desktop. As I already mentioned, it’s a bit hard to make the changes or must have some technical knowledge and have the requirements to do this.


While checking the Youtube videos and some blogs which wrote on the topic How to Connect Jio Phone Internet to PC, we found too many fake details on this. They are saying to connect the Jio Phone with the Data Cable inside Box to your Laptop or PC. Then, open the Settings, select the “Connectivity” section and turn ON the USB Tethering option. They are claiming that the users can have the High-Speed 4G  Internet in your Jio Phone on the Laptop after doing this. But, the fact is that there is no option for USB tethering in Jio Phone by default. Many users were searching for this once the Reliance introduced the Rs 49 offer along with the launch of the Rs 1500 feature phone of Jio. So, they are just sharing these fake articles or creating these fake videos to gain traffic or views to their contents. So, better stay away from these false new or details. You may also like to Read about the Jio Media Cable details, we have made a separate article on the topic. Go through the link given and check out the details about the Jio Phone TV Cable. So, now let’s check how we can connect the Jio phone with your computer.

The details provided below are sharing by Jaimin Modi; it looks like a working method or trick. But, we haven’t checked it personally. Many people are looking for the trick to connect the Jio Phone with the PC that’s why we thought to share the available method to our blog visitors. Jaimin Modi also provided this email ID (, and you can mail him if you have any doubt or query on this method. He came to know its possible to connect the device with the PC when he understands the Jio Feature Phone is using Qualcomm SD205 hardware. Also, there are some requirements to connect the device with a desktop or laptop.

Requirements to Connect with Laptop

  1. Jio Phone with Internet Connection & USB/Data Cable
  2. Qualcomm Setup File – Link
  3. Windows 10 – 2018 April Updated Version Required (MUST)

How to Connect Jio 1500 Phone to PC for the Internet?

  1. Download The Qualcomm Setup.exe and Open the file
  2. The Qualcomm USB Driver Setup ask for permission, click on the “Yes” option
  3. Now, a Dialogue box appears with two options: WWAN-DHCP is not used to get IPAddress & ETHERNET-DHCP is not used to get IPAddress
  4. Select the “WWAN-DHCP is not used to get IP address” option, click on next option and complete the installation process.
  5. Now, Turn off the internet connection on your Jio Phone and connect the mobile with your Laptop or Desktop using the USB cable.
  6. As already mentioned, the windows on the PC or Computer must be (2018 April) Windows 10 version.
  7. On connecting the Jio Phone with PC, there will be an Ethernet Popup & wait for few more seconds.
  8. After a few seconds, another popup will be there with “Jio 4G(LTE)”. But, it will be in a disconnected state, and it shows “APN Address Failed” error. So, you need to setup APN settings.
  9. To setup APN settings, open Cellular settings, select the Advanced Option and select the “Add an APN” option.
  10. Enter “jionet” under the APN column and click on the Save button to save the settings.
  11. Finally, click on the connect option on Jio 4G(LTE) and it will get connected in a few seconds.
  12. Now, your Jio Phone is connected with your computer using USB tethering method, and you can enjoy high-speed 4G internet on your PC.

Why is USB Tethering Option Not Available as Default?

Many of you have the same doubt, why do they don’t give the tethering feature even if it supports it. The reason is that the offer along with the Jio phones was provided to increase the product sale or to grab more attention to the Jio Feature Phone. But, if people started using the offers supplied with the phone on PC or other devices using Hotspot or Tethering then, it won’t give them much effect. That may be the reason for blocking these features on the Jio phones.


We have tried our best to provide the details and hope it was useful to our readers. You can subscribe to our push notification to know the latest services and also product updates from the Reliance Jio. We appreciate your feedback as comments below and even if you have any doubts then, feel free to comment below. We will reply to your queries as soon as possible. As promised, we have shared the working trick to connect your Jio Phone with your Windows PC or Laptop. If you found this helpful then, consider sharing this article with your friends having Jio phone. Check out our recent articles to know about the Jio offers and upcoming services and also subscribe to our push notification.

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